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Tunze pH controller, solonoide valve


Tunze CO2 regulator and Bottle


Another option for smaller aquariums 150 litre and less is Daily Carbon in liquid form from Azoo Carbon Plus


Carbon Dioxide Injection Units

Tunze offer an excellent automated solution
Carbon Dioxide (CO2) injection will not only help regulate and stabilise the pH value but it will, in the process of supplying plants with a critical nutrient, increase the level of oxygen in the water.
How, one might ask, can the act of putting CO2 gas into water also add oxygen? The answer is simple. The plants produce it. As plants readily - almost greedily, consume the CO2 they simultaneously release oxygen. One can actually witness this process and with a sense of satisfaction watch as hundreds of tiny bubbles spread into the water from the leaves of plants; leaves which, as a result of proper feeding, are more lush than ever, more lush and more vibrant - even more colourful.
Colour is a priority for many aquarium hobbyists who seem to seek it at times impractically and unrealistically from the fishes. Whereas when a carbon dioxide injection unit is used to stabilise the aquarium a fantastic benefit is the immediate success of otherwise difficult to grow aquatic plants. Among these are the brilliantly coloured species such as the red form of Barclaya longifolia, Hygrophlia rosanervis, Rotala macranda and Alternanthera reineckii which provide an aquarium with a form of colour as breath taking as any fish.
An additional colour boost is achieved by the use of a red colour enhancing plant fertiliser. Now available from AZOO products.
...which stimulate root growth and chlorophil production and entend the life of seasonal plants...cutting edge aquatic gardening .

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